Welcome to Louisiana Law Enforcement Association

LLEA is a multi-ethnic police employee organization whose primary objective is to ensure its membership fair and equitable treatment by their respective Law Enforcement Agencies. In order to guarantee this protection, LLEA in-house legal counsel through IUPA provides immediate and efficient legal defense when needed. The Association’s continued success is derived from our reputation. All members of the Executive Board, as well as the Association’s attorneys are on 24-hour call in order to better serve our membership. As a member you are guaranteed the services of the LLEA. We also represent all our members at the state legislature on matters varying from pension, civil service law, state statues and many more.

Our Mission Statement

 Our desire is to bring all of the Law Enforcement professionals together under one organization. We will foster a working relationship with state and local elected leaders to provide a unified voice. This will be critical moving forward and maintaining a strong presence in the community and for our state. We pledge to our members that they will always be first. The integrity of our organization will be high standard. We will speak with one, strong and unified voice.

Join the I.U.P.A. Local 83

LLEA is now affiliated with IUPA

The International Union of Police Associations is the only union chartered exclusively for law enforcement and law enforcement support personnel. While I.U.P.A.’s officers, active and retired law enforcement officers, fight to improve the lives of their brothers and sisters in law enforcement, I.U.P.A. works to improve legislation that protects and affects public safety officers, as well as representing the needs of law enforcement officers and support personnel, whether that be for better equipment, more staff or a fair wage. Speaking with one Voice, Moving with one Purpose.



The Pelican Institute is a nonpartisan research and educational organization. The Institute’s mission is to conduct research and analysis that advances sound policies based on free enterprise, individual liberty, and constitutionally-limited government.

LLEA A professional organization representing the rank and file active police officers in Louisiana.

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